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About Bloomix Battle Winx
Bloomix Battle Winx is a flash game with a lot of new features. If you search online, you can find out a list of battle games. And every game has a nice story line. This video game also depicts a good story line with a lot of adventures. The interesting feature of this game is the selection of the characters. From the title, it is clear that the story of this game is related to the fight or battle. Now when there is a fight or a battle, then it is obvious that there must be an enemy against whom you have to fight. This game provides excitement and amusement. The whole game is full of adventure and action.
As a player, you can feel the unlockable system. In this game, you have to create a team to participate in the battle against the enemy. You must get the opportunity to customize your own battle team with some new features. The team will consist of a certain number of members, including three winx girls. Now among them, you have to select the most suitable character that can play the role of a healer or the warrior. Now the warrior or the healer will play the key role in the game. Or you can say this is the central character of the game. So your first job is to prepare a team, and the next step is to avail a lot of options to win the battle against the evil forces of the enemy. You have to apply your forces together to defend the enemy forces. The game is unique in character and also very enjoyable.