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About Harmonix Heroines
The evil ice dragons are here to attack the Alfea. You have to select up to 3 fairies from the Winx club who will fight against the evil dragons and will defeat them by using their rhythm and reflexes. What else can be better than a winx club fan who can choose to play as a fairy he likes the most and can help it to defeat the dragon just like what he sees on the screen. So, use the power of Harmonix and blend it with your rhythm to defeat the dragon and end is life meter.
Some music plays will travel towards the player as attack orbs. There will be a chamber in front of each of the three fairies. As soon as the attack orb enters the chamber, you have to press the matching keyboard arrow button to attack the dragon and reduce its life meter. If you are unable to press the button in time, or you press it too early, then you will miss it, and so the dragon will launch an attack against the winx. If the life meter of winx runs out, then the game is over. This game is all about timing. You have to press buttons at the right time and help the winx beat as many dragons as you can.