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About Let Your Wings Shine
Stella’s wing design studio: A perfect game for young girls where they can design the wing by their own choice, can insert different star patterns on the wings, color different portions according to their own choice and can also choose their favorite design of wings.
Bloom’s fireworks spectacular: Just as the name indicates, launch some spectacular fireworks in this game. You just have to click on the glowing canon so that it launches a firework. You have to keep up the pace and click the cannon in time.
Flora’s leaf catch: Help flora in catching the leaves. You have to click on the orange leaves, and they will disappear.
Tecna’s memory trainer: As the name indicates, this game tests your memory and trains it. There are different cards from which you can flip two at a time to find the matched ones. If they don’t match, the cards will again be hidden. Now, try to find and eliminate matching cards before time runs out.
Aisha’s sport spotter: Try to find the things enlisted in the image given below. You can also get a hint if you are stuck.
Musa’s burst beats: You have to create music with Musa. There will be different music notes which can be clicked, and the matching notes present aside will disappear.
The trix Maze: Help Kiko solve the maze of Trix who have captured the fairies and save them. Fairy Final: This game is a quiz or personality type tester that will ask some questions from you and will predict what fairy suits you the most.