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About Magic Of Believix
The villain has captured all the pets. It’s now up to you to go and save them from turning into evil monsters. The devil is there to fight against you with his deadly weapon. Avoid yourself from his bullets and try to kill the devil while save the pets. Remember, don’t shoot the pets otherwise it will lead to a negative score. Saving them will earn you a bonus life. You have got a limited life so try to dodge all the fires by the devil and finish him off before any pet turns into a monster and starts attacking you.
In case, a pet turns into the monster you will have to kill it too. The controls are simple with the keyboard arrow buttons for movement and space button for firing. You have to defeat all the enemies to advance to the next level. First, you will select your favorite winx club fairy from Roxy, Stella, Tecna, Flora, Bloom and Musa. Kill the devil before his black circle affects all the pets. The game is really interesting and challenging. It requires quick moves from the player with a presence of mind to dodge all the bullets and fire carefully such that the pets don’t get shot, and the aim would only be the devil.